Weeks 4 and 5

So eating at home has been consistent, but the menu has not. I honestly can’t even remember if Week 3 was those exact days, but we did eat everything planned, just on different days I think. Week 4 has been even less accurate, as I worked all week (except Monday for MLK Day) and Hubs had a six-day workweek. Regardless, here’s what we had:

Monday (1/21): We fasted (Here’s why)

Tuesday (1/22): Red-cooked pork belly (红烧肉)

Wednesday (1/23): Crappy too-much-lemon crab cakes (although when I sandwiched them with the pork milanese from last week for lunch on Friday they didn’t taste as bad)

Thursday (1/24): World’s best (and easiest) Salmon (it really was good, and quite easy)

So this coming week I am working M-W, so I’m pushing over the recipes from last week that didn’t get included but were on the planned menu. Not sure if I’ll end up making them either, but we’ll see how it goes.

Monday (1/28): Guaquitos (really just guacamole taco rolls)

Tuesday (1/29): Chicken Yakisoba (have had this recipe forever, just haven’t tried it)

Wednesday (1/30): Crock Pot Mongolian Beef

Thursday (1/31): Sauteed Chilean Sea Bass (the haddock I ended up using for the parmesan fish sticks a few weeks ago was soooo yummy, reminded me of Maine so much, so I’m trying to be more adventurous with the seafood-cooking, since I love seafood, so we’ll see how this goes…)

And some leftover recipes: Chicken & Artichoke Lasagna, Baked Brown Sugar Chicken Wings, which I may roll over into February…. but yay, almost done with January! Hubs now believes in me, by the way… accomplished!

About reasonablyprudentperson

I'm keeping this username because [1] I'm too lazy to get a new one, and [2] technically, I am still a reasonably prudent person, by rationally deciding to quit the misery that is law school. >>> I think I wrote the above in 2007? Anyway, five years later, from a law school dropout to a teacher-currently-taking-a-break-from-teaching, from domestically disabled to posting recipes on my formerly bitter blog, from bitterette to happily married wife (with occasional bitter moments, i.e., see post on stolen baby name). Life is funny, ain't it? So I guess I'm still maintaining this thing for my own purposes. And yes, I am still a reasonably prudent person.

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